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So Who am I?


My name is Christina Marie.  I'm originally from New York City, Upper East Side, Spanish Harlem.  I swear my theme song is Santana's "Maria, Maria" even though I am not from the West Side, nor living the life of a movie star, nor grew up in East L.A.  Wow, that song says nothing about me.  Oh, but the rhythms of that song are heavenly to me and I love speaking Spanish. 

Music and I have a special relationship in the drum beats and salsa sways.  I was always in the local church choir or glee club.  I also drew, painted, danced, and did anything creative, usually at an after school centre which kept my sister and me off the inner-city streets.  Put everything together and you've got a girl who wants to help other young people learn to express themselves while keeping them out of trouble.  Won't you join me in this effort?

My ultimate goal is to create an institute for this very thing.  Please see my contact page if you are interested in linking arm-in-arm in this effort, whether through prayer, donation (even purchasing one of my pieces of art), or other support.

Humbly I thank you!

Christina Marie

Autumn on Muffat Beach, April 2018

Autumn on Muffat Beach, April 2018