Music and Sound Tracks

I always grew up listening to music, but naturally, it’s in my blood. From Salsa to House Music to church praise to Hip Hop, I can always feel the beat of a different drum. I want to be unique, but you will be able to see traces of these types in my music.

Firsts EP (2018)

This is a prospective album. As I continue to learn how to mix and compose, while fitting songs I've already written with instruments, I will add them to this page.  I have been sitting on these songs for years because I just never felt they were any good.  The reality though is "what is good?"  Isn't that only a perspective? It's subjective.


First Score

The project below is a mix I did in my bedroom studio.  It is my first music project where I assumed I put my emotions into the project.  However, it sounded almost eerily strange to me, like someone stalking a person down a city block.  I could almost see, even in daylight, a male reporter in the 1960s in a long coat, following a beautiful woman down the dreary city blocks of Manhattan trying to get a better look.  Its sounds are spooky like imagining Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" mixed with something, almost anything, out of Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining".


Running Life

Are you truly living life-in freedom, stress free?  This track is an artistic approach on what happens in life if we don't just stop and take a breath.  The sirens in the back imitate an ambulance and there's a finale that will truly ask yourself, "Am I living?"