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Much of my art was realised growing up in the church so there is much spiritual connotation relating back to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I do not push my beliefs upon you, only help you see some of the background of the art. Much of my inspiration stems from this part of my life, as it drew me out of my dark past into my “lit place”.



I find that every piece of art tells a story about the artist, no matter how dull or bright it may seem.  These works of art have a story to tell, although they are not all inclusive of who I am.  They are just the beginning of the journey I am taking in my true self.  While I used to be afraid to put a paintbrush or even pencil to paper for fear that I would waste the supplies, I am making up by doing it anyway.  If you have a difficult time, because of perfectionism or fear, just do it anyway.  What's the worst that could happen?  It doesn't look good?  Well, try again.  But you don't get better until you try.  See this?!  First portrait in a workshop.  I cried trying to put pencil on the paper and walked out of the classroom.  I was encouraged through it by one of the workshop leaders, and when I walked back into the classroom, I painted this.

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First Portrait

Workshop, Bethel, Redding CA, July 2017

And after a few months (call it six months later), I tried another portrait with better results.


Six Months Later

January 2018

So, they're not perfect.  But the point is to try.  Your will to do it with passion will help propel you into better work.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again!
— William Edward Hickson (but my mom used to say it a lot!)