Boys Having Fun on Mujimba Beach, December 2017

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"Boys Having Fun on Mujimba Beach", December 2017

While I take many photographs, this one "gets me".  I love to bring the beauty out of any situation. 

While this photograph shows the struggle of the young man in the middle, there is yet beauty and balance on the sides.  The light in the background helps me in showing that we all love this type of playfulness within our own families, when "the boys are just being boys".  Even without faces, a person seeing this photo can identify with the emotions being played out here with the muscle tension, the balancing act and even the way the hair of the middleman stands on end. 

The lines in the photograph are also balanced even though one of the heads is cut off a bit.  The point outside of the photo, which would be the head of the paddle board is balanced by the expanse of the waters behind them as the sunset's reflection cuts straight down the median of the photo.

Although I am not a "professional" per se, I try to do this with many of my photographs, which you can see in the gallery below.  They also add a sense of healing to the heart through art.

I used my iPhone 7, so yes, I cheated a little bit, but after the series of photographs I have taken recently, I want to get serious and grab a real camera.


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