Letters to the Forgotten

Happy Birthday to You!

Remember when they forgot your birthday? Does that still trigger something in you now? If it does, try to forgive the specific people one at a time —not for them, but for you.

Ever wonder why you break out into rashes or certain types of illnesses that no one has ever heard of? Some of it lies in unforgiveness and bitterness. Hey! You could have even forgotten to forgive yourself for some things in your past.

Get over it!!!! How?


If it’s not an easy thing for you to do, ask God to help you. He is Creator of the universe who came down to understand you. Yes you!

When others don’t understand how you’re feeling, remember that He does. And He sings Happy Birthday over you, too, because He loves what He has created and He calls you beautiful.

For all of those times someone forgot to say Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc., I say it now.

Happy Birthday!!! You are never forgotten.

Love ya!

Christina Marie

Christina Rodriguez